Open Source Projects

Get a sneak peek at some of the open source projects that we have developed over the years to drive our own and our clients' apps.


Many apps use system features on iOS that require the user's explicit permission. These can include determining the user's location, making use of the camera, recording with the microphone, or activating push notifications. When using the platform frameworks directly, each feature requires a different approach of asking for the user's permission. ISHPermissionKit unifies these APIs for developers and provides easy access to all common permission categories.

iOS allows apps to ask for permission only once per permission category. An untimely request for permission leads to higher rejection rates and increases support efforts, as most users do not know how to grant permission later. This severely deteriorates the user experience.

ISHPermissionKit supports app developers by providing an easy way to display more context and information. The option to "Ask again later", which is missing in the system dialogs, is supported by ISHPermissionKit. Both features help users to understand the benefits of granting access and increase the rate of approved permissions.

Multiple permissions can be requested at once, and ISHPermissionKit takes care of presenting them in a nicely animated sequence of permission requests and accompanying explanations.


Trails displays statistics of recorded tracks, such as elevation and speed, as a gradient along the path on the map. Our Leaflet plugin Hotline brings this functionality to the web. We use the plugin for our Trails web preview which allows users to share hikes and other recorded outdoor activities online.