Everyone can now accept card payments on their iOS or Android device using SumUp's apps, developed by iosphere.

iOS and Android Development

The iOS and Android apps are native applications and cater to the specific design and UI guidelines of each platform without compromises.

Both apps are tightly integrated with the backend. Login, signup, product management, and of course, payments, are synchronized with SumUp's secure payment platform. Many user interaction flows are not hard-coded and can be updated dynamically as business requirements change — from the server, without requiring a new app version.

Consulting on Hardware Integration, Server-Side APIs and UI

We have helped SumUp from day one with all technical aspects of the product: From the first UI sketches, the definition and refinement of the server-side APIs, to the ongoing development of their custom card reader hardware and firmware.

We have developed the iOS application from the ground up, and continue to improve the app every day. The app now supports iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad from iOS 5 through iOS 9 and provides a native look for each system generation.

In addition, we support SumUp's efforts on Android by providing development resources and code consultation services.