Swiss Snow

Swiss Snow Report from Switzerland Tourism allows you to call up snow reports, weather conditions, live cams, and piste maps for your next skiing trip.

For Swiss Snow Report we completely re-engineered and redesigned one of the most popular apps in Switzerland. The app was rewritten from scratch for Android and iOS using the latest technologies, preparing the app for the new generation of smart watches. On iOS, we wrote the entire app in Swift 2, making it one of the first apps to be published based on Apple's ground- breaking new programming language in late 2015.

Modern Design

The new design gives center stage to the destinations and provides users with a quick and clear overview of the most relevant snow and piste information. The design caters to the specifics of each platform while maintaining the brand identity and a consistent look. Subtle animations and transitions complete the picture.

Swiss Snow Report was nominated for the master category at the Best Of Swiss App Awards 2015 and won medals in four categories:

  • User Value / Functionality (Silver)
  • Swissness (Silver)
  • Design / User Experience (Bronze)
  • Usability / Interaction Design (Bronze)

The jury's verdict:

The entirely redesigned app is convincing thanks to a thoughtful design and an attractive user experience. The webcam views for individual resorts allow a live comparison of piste and weather conditions right from the list overview. The integration of maps and contacts of the lift operators and tourism offices are a useful addition. This beautiful app is an extremely useful and good looking companion for a—even spontaneous—skiing trip.

Innovation: Wearable Apps

The Swiss Snow Report app features up-to-date weather, snow and piste information, making it an ideal candidate for the new generation of smart watches based on iOS and Android. Users can look forward to their upcoming skiing trip with a glance at the wrist. We developed designs and smart watch apps tailored to each platform, integrating the app with the existing ecosystems.